Gary the Grape: Grape Escape

Gary the Grape: Grape Escape

Gary the Grape: Grape Escape is a brand awareness app for Sati… the South African Table Grape Industry.

The goal was to create a kids game to appeal to all ages that, whilst being fun, also spreads awareness of grapes, the process that they go through and how it helps families in South Africa.

We decided to create a sideways runner game, spread over 5 differing levels, with randomly positioned obstacles that could be either jumped over or slid under. We also added randomly generated collectables into the mix and the result is a game which is never the same twice. This ensured that no high-score was ever safe and hopefully built a degreeof replay-ability into thegame.

Technically the game was build using Adobe AIR for iPhone and utilised the Starling 2D framework. This was my first app using the Starling framework and I have come out of it very impressed at the speed of development and also the quality of the finished product. Gary the Grape contains many parallaxing backgrounds and fast moving images but the Starling engine handles them faultlessly.

The Grape Escape is optimised for all iOS screen sizes and resolutions (iPhone and iPad), in fact this was the most difficult part of the build. My first attempt at asset management was to embed all of the assets into the app so they were all quickly available in memory, but it soon became apparent that this was not acceptable. I realised that it was storing all of the assets for each screen type into memory and, besides from being a bad idea in general, this was crashing the app on the iPad 1. So I developed a system for loading and unloading assets from memory based on what was needed for the particular level… then everything worked like a dream!

Another benefit of using the Starling framework is that the code also works on the web! This meant that with a bit of tweaking we could also make a web version of the game which Sati could promote on their microsite. Sati are promoting Gary the Grape here!

The app is now available on the iTunes app store and has recently had a burst of activity, the download link is below.

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