Clarks Desert Trek

Clarks Desert Trek

When Clarks approached us at McCann Manchester and asked us for a new campaign based on their iconic desert boots we came up with the idea for a world wide treasure hunt.

The idea was to give users access to the whole world map and slowly reveal clues on twitter, facebook and via the Clarks outlets so that the more involved the user became, the better their chances of finding the treasure.

To deliver this we decided to use Flash 10 and hook into the Google Maps API. We then overlaid the map with a custom filter to give is a more brown, aged look. Each user was given a new pin each day to place where they thought the treasure was, once the day was over the pin was locked in place. The more visits a user made, the more pins they got.

To make the twitter / facebook clues more visual we also implemented a custom overlay system. The clues were distributed as codes, which when input into the system would create a polygon overlay over the map showing an area which contained the treasure. This overlay caused the biggest headache of the build as all codes needed to be combined into 1 overlay to ensure the map ran smoothly and clearly. To overcome this I used the gpcas actionscript library.

From a data perspective the app was connected to the database by .NET webservices using a multitude of techniques to protect from miscellaneous entries. Also it was key that the system did not know where the treasure was buried, so no amount of delving would unleash the secrets.

The campaign was a great success but unfortunately is no longer online.