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I’ll keep it brief… I am a Mobile Developer specialising in Appcelerator Titanium & React Native to make apps for iOS and Android. I can also turn my hand to Flash/ActionScript projects.

I have over 13 years experience working with top agencies, such as McCann Manchester & JWT, and top brands, including the Manchester City, Adidas, 2012 Olympics & Warburtons amongst many others.

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Martyn Joyce

Martyn Joyce

Freelance Mobile Developer
Manchester, England

If you would like to discuss a project, or just have some questions, please contact me below.

What I Do

Mobile Apps with Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a great platform for creating native iOS and Android Apps. I’m a TCAD certified developer and competent at developing phone and tablet applications on both platforms. I’m fluent with all of the latest technologies including the Alloy MVC framework, Backbone.JS and the Appcelerator Cloud Service (ACS).

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Mobile Games with Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR has turned into one of the best ways of creating games for both iOS and Android platforms. Using the Starling 2D framework it is now possible to create highly optimised mobile games and a wealth of native extensions (ANEs) makes it easy to tap into native functionality such as the iOS Gamecenter, in-app payments & social communication.

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ActionScript Development

Flash websites were the be all and end all of creative digital advertising for a long time. This has started to decline but that shouldn’t distract from a very robust and powerful language that has the possibility to create rich, engaging websites not to mention games and interactive worlds

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What I Have Done

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I can’t display all of my work here, please contact me

Gary the Grape: Grape Escape

Adobe AIR game using Starling 2D

GCSE Science Glossary App

Titanium Alloy iOS app

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